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Publishing Perspectives column

Welcome to Publishing Perspectives! I’ll be talking about all things publishing. Let’s start with an overview of the publishing world. It may …

July 21, 2017
Publishing Perspectives column

Have you ever looked at the category words on the back of a book, above (or below) the bar code? Have you …

March 20, 2016
Publishing Perspectives column

In last month’s column, I mentioned that an item of an Author’s Questionnaire from a publisher is the request to describe the …

February 3, 2016
Publishing Perspectives column

The first part of this series examined the Query Letter. The second part looked at the synopsis. In this column, we’ll look …

January 23, 2016
Keep Calm and Write A Synopsis

The first part of this series examined the Query Letter. In this column, we’ll look at the synopsis. Most publishers will be …

December 14, 2015
Publishing Perspectives column

You’ve finally got your novel all polished up and ready to submit to a publisher. How is this done? These days, most …

November 22, 2015
Publishing Perspectives column

I hope that you, as a writer, do a LOT of reading! I think there are three types of reading you should …

October 29, 2015
Publishing Perspectives column

Printing Press The world of book publishing has been changing rapidly for a few years, and lots of vocabulary is changing too. …

September 23, 2015
Publishing Perspectives column

Writing a book can be hard work. Then you polish it: more hard work. Then there’s the hard work of finding a …

August 29, 2015
Publishing Perspectives column

The number of smaller publishers will continue to grow as technology enables more people to complete the tasks involved in producing a …

July 20, 2015
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