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How Passion Influences Your Voice

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”

– William Wordsworth

The breathings of our heart, our passion, dwell in the deep places of our soul. It is from this passion in which we write—in which we find our voice.

Passion is defined as, “the intense enthusiasm you feel for something.”

Do you feel intense enthusiasm when you write? If so, then your voice will eventually begin to emerge when your pen hits paper.

Delve deep and see what ignites a spark, what causes your heart to leap. Out of this soul-searching you will then write from your characters soul; feel the character’s hurt; rejoice in their happiness—sense their fears—then write from that place.

We can’t always write what we love, what we are passionate about, but we can love the art of writing. Even shaping words into a technical article can bring us a sense of satisfaction.

Use the exercise below to see if your passion is easily recognizable.

Pick a subject that is meaningful to you and write a short piece on this topic. Don’t hold back, dive into the soul’s well and then set the piece aside for several days. Ask these questions after reading:

  1. Would a reader find my passion evident? Was an emotional tug felt, a sense of indignation, did joy shine forth?
  1. Did I get caught up in the skill of writing? Did my concentration on writing skill suppress my words thus stifling my passion?
  1. Did I follow a story formula? Did the formula keep my words from flowing freely?

Did your passion resonate? If not, rewrite, keeping in mind the above questions.

Your writer’s voice will benefit from Terri Guillemets’s advice: Renew your passions daily.

What’s one way you renew your passion daily?

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  1. Dee Dee, Thank you for sharing three great questions to keep in mind.

  2. Dee Dee. Great post…and a great help to newbies and seasoned writers as well. Much to think about as I write the words God puts on my heart. One thing to have them, another to get them down for others to read 🙂

    Thanks again!

  3. Love this, Dee Dee. Awesome advice about passion and voice. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Karen. I’ve discovered that if I am passionate about a subject my authentic voice will shine through my writing. I enjoy your beautiful writing.

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