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What Is Your Message

Your message is the heart and soul of your book. It’s what drives every chapter and every paragraph. In the midst of thousands of books on the market, how can your book stand out in its genre? How can it be captivating?

Pick a message that will grab both the attention and the heart of your readers. Before you read the tips below, write down a summary of your book in thirty words or less. Then evaluate your message according to the three tips given. How does your message measure up?

1. Make Your Message Unique

Uniqueness helps your book to stand out. Ask yourself these questions to evaluate the uniqueness of your message and to discover ideas you may want to implement.

  • How is my topic different from similar books on the market?
  • Do I have a slant that hasn’t been overused?
  • How does my background and knowledge enrich my message?
  • What stories can I share from my experiences that help make my book vibrant?
  • What other elements can I add to my book to make it stand out or to be appealing to readers (a summary of points at the end of each chapter, a companion journal, group discussion questions, prayers, a leader guide, and so forth)?

2. Make Your Message Relevant to Your Target Audience

Take time to consider who will be reading your book. Whose heart do you want to reach? Is your message relevant to your audience’s needs and concerns? How will your book answer a question or solve a problem that they may have?

Craft your message for your audience. Keep in mind a target age range. Readers outside this range may find your book appealing, but when you write your book, picture people in a specific age bracket and season of life. Also picture what they may be going through—their struggles and their joys—and write your book with that in mind. If you need any help in determining your audience, check out 6 Questions to Identify Your Target Audience.

3. Make Your Message Sing

If your message is unique and crafted for a target audience but it doesn’t sing, it won’t sell well! Yes, I said sing. Just like a soul-stirring song captures the hearts of an audience, a soul-stirring book captures the hearts of its readers.

Does your message sing—does it touch hearts or stir people to action? Does it reverberate in the readers’ minds long after they have closed the book? Does it remind readers of the hope we have or the blessings we enjoy? Is it inspiring? Make sure the lyrics of your message wield motivating power. Make it sing.

If you already have a message you want to write about, is it unique, targeted for a specific audience, and full of inspiration and soul-stirring power? In the comments below, tell me what you think a message needs to be appealing and to stand out. And if you’d like to share what your book is about, I’d love to hear it!

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Katy Kauffman - Writing Captivating Nonfiction/The Starting Line: First Lines, First Pages
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