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5 Pieces of Advice for Teen Writers by Former Teen Author

Whenever someone asks if I have advice for teen writers, I tell them three things: Read, research, and write.

Read as many books as you can get your hands on.

Research the craft and industry.

And write every chance you get.

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Here are 5 more pieces of advice for teen writers:

1. Attend writing conferences.

Writing conferences provide the perfect opportunity to learn about writing, network with writers, and pitch your book to professionals.

2. Study the craft.

If you want to come across as a professional, then writing must be treated like any other career. This means many hours should be invested into learning the craft.

You can do this by reading books on fiction techniques (such as Writing The Breakout Novel) and reading writing-craft blogs (such as Go Teen Writers).

3. Start a blog.

I’m very grateful I began my blog, Christ is Write, at the beginning of my writing journey. It served as a great way for me to meet other teen writers, practice my writing, and discipline myself. I was also able to build a readership even before my YA novel was published.

4. Spark your creativity through writing prompts.

Not only do writing prompts expand the imagination, but they may also trigger a new scene or book idea.

Want to participate in a writing prompt challenge and meet other teen writers? Check out my bi-monthly writing prompt contest.

5. Enter your work into contests and publish it online.

There are plenty of contests for teen writers that can help your work get noticed. You can also publish your writing on websites dedicated toward teen writers, such as Teen Ink.

Seeking more advice for teen writers? Check out these posts I’ve written just for you.

Have any advice for teen writers? Share them in the comments!

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